About Me!

Mt Wellington - Hobart

Hey, I’m Imogen but most people call me Imo. I’m  a  South Australian Photographer with an absolute obsession for combining all things world and photography. From the time I took my first photo, to the time I bought my first camera, I’ve found a way to show and share my love and obsession with beach, sunsets, nature, adventure and travel with the rest of the world. 


On my website and instagram, I’ve set out to encapsulate the beauty of South Australia, as well as the places I’ve been fortunate enough to explore. A lot of thought and patience goes into every image I take in the hopes of doing every place justice. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and can find inspiration from what I share with you. 


 Big Love,

Imo xx

Lake Bonney Astro-13.jpg

"Chase what sets your soul on fire"!



Someone who has played a guiding role in my life sent me a text on the night the photo on the above was taken.  “Chase what sets your soul on fire!”. It’s a quote I now adore and hold very close. For me, this quote is a reminder to constantly be looking for what sets my soul on fire, basically anything that provides me with that life giving sort of stuff. 


It’s this sort of stuff that reminds me of why I’m a photographer and why I love capturing special moments like these. 


I hope this little gem of a quote inspires you in the same way it did me and helps you chase what sets your own soul on fire.


Imo x

Story Behind the Name

Eight years ago I finished school with the thought of starting uni the year after well and truly on my mind. Turns out life had other plans and I ended up deferring and changing my course all together. I worked for a year with the want to travel and experience a bit of the world before heading to uni in 2015. With this in mind I created an instagram under the name Unknown Adventures Photography with the intention of posting about places I was travelling. Again, those plans didn't work out and I didn't really start using my gram until a couple of years ago which was when I really started to focus on my love of photography. 

Now that I've finished uni and have a bit more time up my sleeve, my aim is to get out and about, exploring what the rest of the country and world have on offer. On these little unknown adventures (yeah, see what I did there) I want to capture all those little gems that come my way and hopefully inspire you guys to get out and about and start exploring places you might never have thought about going.