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We back for blog number 2!

Well, well, well here we are back at it again with blog number 2. I promise I won’t talk like that throughout the rest of the blog so please if you’ve made it to here, keep reading. First things first, to those who have bought a calendar already, thank you for jumping on bored, your purchases help the business grow and help me continue what I love doing. For those who have also shared posts or messages on their socials you guys are absolute legends and I honestly cannot thank you enough.

Alright so as I said in my previous blog post I wanted an opportunity to explain the reason behind the title of the 2020 calendar you know clarify some stuff/enlighten people etc etc. Many people when this calendar project was launched thought that the title of the calendar ‘Home’ was a shoutout to where I live, South Australia. While there are many photos you will see over the next 12 months that are from SA this isn’t the reason why the calendar has been called what it has. Way back in March I wrote a song titled ‘Home’. Only one person has ever heard the song in its entirety and that’s probably how it’s going to stay. It’s a pretty special song, detailing challenges that I’ve faced and things I’ve had to work through over the past five years in order to find my way back home. There’s no lie I use photography as a way to cope with my mental health and so when I was deciding on a name for the calendar I thought ‘Home’ fit perfectly. Capturing these stunning images have helped me on my journey of finding my way back home and if your needing some inspiration on your journey too then I hope this helps!

Whats been happening in my world?

Well for sometime now, I’ve had this idea of a shot in my head down at Moana near the sticks. I’ve been there a handful of times to take this shot and unfortunately mother nature just had other ideas for me. Finally last week I went down with a couple of other local photographers and I can say I fully lucked out with what was provided to me. As the sun was setting, by 5 you could tell it was going to go pink and boy did it. I was pretty stoked with the night and even more stoked with the shots I got. I’ll drop some below for you! Let me know what you think if you want or just admire them, up to you.

On the 23rd of December around 50 paddle outs were organised around Australia to protest and fight for the bight. I’ll provide you with some info in case you’ve actually got no idea what all this is about. Equinor, a Norwegian energy company, reckon it’s a great idea to deep sea drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. Plain and simple, there’s no safe way to drill oil and their is no guarantee that nothing will go wrong. We’ve seen globally what can happen when deep sea drilling does go wrong, all you have to do is think back to the Gulf of Mexico 2010 oil spill and what that’s done. If this does go ahead, fingers crossed it doesn’t, and the unthinkable happens, the oil spill will cover over 1/2 of Australia’s coastline. With no viable clean-up option, it would destroy not only Australia’s well known coastline, would have irreversible and detrimental impacts on the environment, the country and it’s people.

Four of 50 paddle outs occurred within South Australia and I was absolutely frothing that I could get down to Port Noarlunga to shoot it. The message was plain and simple we, the public of Australia, simply and clearly do not want Equinor drilling down here. If you want to know more or want to see how you can help out, head over to and add your voice to the cause. Other than that enjoy a couple of images I managed to capture of the event down below.

Unknown Adventures News:

Calendars will begin printing very very soon and if you have pre-ordered before the 30th of November your calendar will be coming at you before the middle of December. If you order after this date, I’ll do my best to try and get the calendar to you before Christmas but I unfortunately can’t make any guarantees.

Other than that, I hope you have an awesome week and I’ll catch you on that next Unknown Adventure!

Big Love,

Imo xx

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