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Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’d like to say a massive welcome to my website. My name is Imogen but I'm better known as Imo by pretty much everyone. If you’re one of the lucky people who’ve been on this journey with me for some time, then you know what you’re in for. If you’re new to this then all I can promise is that you’re gonna be in for hopefully what will be one hell of a ride.

So what exactly are you in for?

Well for starters, the whole purpose and aim of this website is it being dedicated to having unknown adventures. You’ll hopefully learn about some of the best places to go and visit in South Australia, Australia and the world (when I finally get round to doing that whole #contikitourineurope business). I’m gonna be honest, personally I'm not down for that whole 'scheduled post lifestyle' and I don’t want to make promises I’m more than likely not going to keep so I'll say this, at least once a month you’ll find a blog post on this website that talks about any adventures I’ve been on over the last 30 or so days, my favourite photos from the places I’ve been and hopefully a few thoughts I’ll be able to share and hopefully inspire you with.

What else? You’ll be able to purchase some of my photos that are on display on my website under the ‘Shop’ section and if you want to purchase photos that you may come across on my insta, well all you need to do is ask! If there are custom sizes or photos you want ordered or taken don't fret to hit me up! I'll do my honest best to help you out. Buying prints not only supports my dream and passion but I can guarantee it will also make your office, shop, restaurant or house look that little bit better and will 10/10 put a smile on your face each and every day.

Let me tell you a bit about myself:

I am 23 years old, originally from a place called Tugun up on the Gold Coast but have lived by the beach down in South Australia since I was about four years old. I’ve very recently, as in the last week, finished my Bachelors of Education at UniSA. It may have taken me five years and a couple of very lovely people pushing (they'd say better word would be dragging) me along making sure I got over the line but I’m finally finished and I’m pretty bloody damn proud of myself for getting through it. Now that I’m finally free from the glorious world that is uni life (before I start studying again, I know there is clearly something wrong with me, who would put themselves through another degree?), this next chapter is hopefully going to entail a focus on travel, writing and photography.

Even though you'll find this on my ‘About Me’ page under my philosophy section, I wanted to share this in my first blog post. Over the last four years my counsellor has played a pretty big and important guiding role in my life. One night, the night the photo underneath was taken, she sent me a text. “Chase what sets your soul on fire!”. It’s a quote I now adore and hold very close. For me, this quote is a reminder to constantly be looking for what sets my soul on fire, basically anything that provides me with that life giving sort of stuff. It’s this sort of stuff that reminds me of why I’m a photographer and why I love capturing special moments like these. I hope this little gem of a quote inspires you in the same way it did me and helps you chase what sets your own soul on fire. If it does, let me know!

"Chase What Sets Your Soul On Fire!"

What’s next for me?

Well now that my websites released (finally) there’s a few more things I hope to get down over the next year or two. I’ve got a calendar coming out for the first time, that’s right a 2020 calendar titled 'Home' (the reason behind the name is something for another blog post) which I can promise is looking very very nice, and I'm not just saying that because I'm hoping you'll buy it. You can order it through my website now and I promise if you aren’t buying for yourself then it’s going to make a pretty decent Christmas present for the ones you love. I’m working on a book which no one currently knows about (well I guess if you've read this then you do now - keep it a secret), it’s going to include a whole mix of things (more on that later) and will hopefully look super swell on your coffee table or anywhere else you decide to put it.

I hope through this experience, I will be able to connect with a whole bunch of new people, whether it be creatives or just others navigating through their own journey of unknown adventures.

If you’d like to hear from me, make sure you subscribe to the emailing list, I promise I won't fill your inbox with a whole bunch of unwanted garbage, but lets be real it'll be the only way you find out when there's sales or other exciting things are going on and you might score yourself a discount code or two every now and again. Like most streets, this one is two way and so of course I’d love to hear and be connected with you.

If you have questions, ideas of places you want me to visit or think I’d like then please drop me a line either through instagram @unknownadventuresphotography, my contact page, my facebook page or through email at No matter what it is, I can assure you I wanna know.

If you've made it to this point well then props to you. Thanks for reading this first post and I’ll catch you on that next unknown adventure.

Big love,

Imo xx

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